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We Are Now One Of The Leading Exporters Of Super Kernel Basmati Rice And Sella Rice In Pakistan Because Of Its Foremost Priority Given To Quality Over Price.
Syed Agha Rice Mills is expanding its network across the globe through increase in its exports to multiple destinations in the world. Today we have offices at Dubai ,Quetta and Kamoke.


basis of length and thickness. The shriveled, under-milled and broken grains are separated from the whole grain to achieve optimum and uniform grain length. This process is carried through length grading cylinders installed at three different stages.Rice is graded at different stages on the


The layer of Bran is removed through polishing process to achieve the pearl white look. This process is carried out through several passes to save the grain from breakage, depending upon the requirement of whiteness.The mist polishers installed at HRM imparts an extremely clean and glossy appearance to the grains, which is a distinguished advantage over traditional milling methods.


Color sorting is a computer-controlled process where CCD technology is used for high-resolution optical inspection of each and every grain of rice. It removes the high concentration of predominantly chalky and dis-coloured grains from the healthy ones.HRM’s new Buhler color sorter machine is equipped with 320 channels and state of the art cameras, which can detect the subtlest colors and defects even smaller than 0.3mm. This machine is equipped with automatic calibration mechanism. Hence producing the final product with each grain having uniformity in all respects.